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ProAction Revenue Management LLC
2700 Court Street, Suite 8 Syracuse, New York 13208
Phone (315) 218-1882 / Fax (315) 218-1881

How We Do It

Revenue management is spouted all the time by health care finance consultants, but sometimes the meaning of what we do isn't clear.

What ProAction Revenue Management can do for your organization is threefold.

First, we can bring people in who can take a portion of your old receivables and work them through your computer system, or we can bring them back to our headquarters through a data transfer and handle it there.

Second, we can help you bring in temporary workers through an agency, train them, and lead them so that your facility doesn't have to deal with them in any way, only through our leadership.

Third, we can provide leadership to come in and work with your own people, verifying that they're trained properly and ensuring that your office is up to date on all admission, billing and collection processes.

Fourth, we can offer solutions by reviewing your revenue cycle and billing processes for maximum efficiency.

Through all of these efforts, you will see an increase in the amount of cash coming in each month, as well as a reduction in the accounts receivables balance. We aren't miracle makers; we just understand the diligence it takes in collecting money from insurance companies and other payers.

We also have worked hard to establish relationships with many insurance companies, so that when we call they'll take our phone calls. We have seen in some facilities cash jump as much as 50%, although usually we'll range from an average of 15% to 25% in increased cash collections within the first 90 days.

If there are receivables that are truly uncollectible, you will be informed of that so you can make the proper decision as to how or when you wish to adjust them.

Furthermore, we are affiliated with and work in conjunction with health care financial consultants who have successfully worked with health care providers to optimize their business operations, restructure their debts and reorganize them. We also work closely with a Medicaid application service agency that would streamline your Medicaid applications so that you will receive all the revenue that you are entitled to receive from Medicaid.

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