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ProAction Revenue Management LLC
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What We Do

Cash Recovery

  • Increase speed of cash flow
  • Enhance revenue cycle
  • Reduce outstanding accounts receivable
  • Institute and approve settlement on self/private pay accounts
  • Monitor accounts receivable aging activity and prepare monthly reports

Improve Current Patient Account Processes

  • Optimize software being used
  • Evaluate productivity methodology
  • Develop short-term benchmarks for improving patient accounting

Training for Full-time and Temporary Staff

  • Education about admission procedures to minimize future collection issues
  • Identify hidden or obscure issues in account collection
  • Analyze the revenue cycle through all departments to streamline
  • Educate about all insurances, including Medicare and third party billing
  • Educate about Medicaid issues that may cause Medicaid ineligibility
  • Educate about collection and how to work with outside collection agencies or counsel
Provide Interim Staffing (as necessary)
  • Patient Account Manager/Director
  • Admissions Director
  • Our team has successfully taught and provided staff for these subjects across New York State. Our on-site, hands-on approach
  • provides you and your staff with the interaction and training you want and the answers you need

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